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What is the Education Equity Action Plan (EEAP)

The Education Equity Action Plan (EEAP) is the product of a collaboration amongst concerned civic and educational advocacy groups aimed towards addressing pre-existing, fundamental racial inequities in access to quality education as well as fostering positive educational experiences for scholars of color, which ultimately were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 








What will the EEAP do?

The EEAP will serve as the main vehicle for the creation of a comprehensive K-12 interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on early African civilizations, the continuum of the Black experience in America, the contributions and achievements of African-diaspora peoples and their impact on the modern world, as well as the role of race in power relationships and the adverse social effects of systemic and institutional racism; all of which will be complimented by a professional development program to support teachers and administrators in ensuring the effective implementation of the curriculum.

How will the EEAP be funded and executed?

EEAP will be funded by a $10 million allocation from the New York City Council through the outspoken advocacy and leadership of its Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus. The work of the EEAP to curate, vet, design, and pilot the creation of this groundbreaking K-12 interdisciplinary curriculum will be led by a coalition of educational and community organizations including:

  • ABENY Inc.
  • Black Edfluencers United (BE-U)
  • The Eagle Academy Foundation
  • The United Way of New York City
  • Black Education Research Collective at Teachers College

While efforts will be led by these organizations, a significant amount of community outreach/engagement, curriculum development, and professional/personal perspective will be sought from educators, parents, students and community stakeholders. In short - YOU. Your experience, perspective, and needs as ABENY members and supports are needed and valued throughout the EEAP process.

The timeline is for initial versions of the interdisciplinary curriculum developed via EEAP to be piloted in NYC schools during the spring of 2022 with a full city-wide implementation by 2023.

What are next steps and opportunities to engage?

See below for potential next steps and opportunities to engage. Continue to check our website frequently in the future and feel free to reach out directly with questions and requests to support via our website, phone, or email.

Curriculum Development

We need content and pedagogy practitioners and leaders from all grade levels to research, contribute, vet and frame the key components of the interdisciplinary curriculum.

Click here if interested in connecting to contribute towards EEAP related curriculum development content and skills

Community Engagement

We need parents, students, and community leaders to participate in early focus groups to brainstorm and identify core content to consider - then engage once drafts of curriculum have been developed to confirm representation, affirmation, relevance, and buy-in.

Click here if interested in participating in EEAP related community engagement focus groups

School and Community Pilots

We need teachers, school and community leaders to provide interactive feedback to the interdisciplinary curriculum as it is developed to ensure relevance, affirmation, buy-in, and authenticity.

Click here if interested in piloting the Black History Interdisciplinary Curriculum as it is being designed through EEAP

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